Pastured Chicken and Pastured Duck

Jade Farm raises different breeds of meat bird chickens, a Cornish Cross Broiler and a Red or Grey Ranger.  Our ducks are a breed called Grimaud Hybrid Pekin.  We start all of our birds in a special nursery area called a brooder house which keeps are chicks warm and dry until they are ready to move outside.  At around 3 weeks old the birds are moved to the pasture where they forage on grass, have access to fresh water and a local feed, and enjoy fresh air and sunshine!

Whole Chicken $4/lb

Whole Chicken (cut up) $5/lb

Boneless Breasts $12/lb

Bone-In Splits Breasts $9/lb

Leg and Thigh Quarters $4/lb

Livers $6/lb

Neck and Heart Pack $2/lb

Feet $2/lb

Whole Duck $6/lb

Pastured Eggs

Several different types of hens roam freely at the farm. The result is healthy and fresh eggs in many colors. Each dozen is unique!


Pastured Turkey

Jade Farm turkeys are a seasonal product and will be available for Thanksgiving and Christmas.