Crazy about Eggs

I spend a lot of time with eggs; thinking about eggs, washing them, counting them (obsessively!), packaging them, and oh yeah the best part- eating eggs!  Today we collected what may be a Jade Farm record: 187 eggs!  That’s about 15.5 dozen.


We hand collect and hand wash our eggs daily.  Sometimes it can be a tedious chore but often it is a prime opportunity to Zen out, something we all desperately need these days.  As a small scale farmer, we do everything ourselves.  Washing eggs is a simple task but one that keeps us connected to our animals and our customers.  I always get a little excited thinking about someone cracking open an egg and discovering a double yolker.  It is such a fun surprise and never fails to delight.

Off to wash almost 200 eggs.  Ohm……

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