How Landscapes Change

IMG_1392 (1)

It’s hard to believe that in six short months this view will be full of lush green trees and grasses and weeds that we will fight every day to keep tame.  It’s even harder to believe that a little short of three years ago this area of our property was so overgrown with brambles, bushes, and trees that you would not be able to get through it without some sort of tool, often a machete or chainsaw in our case.  (I remember being given the precious gift of a pair of heavy duty loppers; these worked beautifully for infiltrating this area as well!)

Our farm does not look like the typical picturesque farm that one might imagine in their mind when someone says “farm.”  We purchased a property that was mostly (read: ALL) wooded, and one that had not been maintained for at least four years.  Lucky for us we find delight in all things manual labor, and have spent the last almost three years clearing our terrain purposefully (and mostly by hand!) to make room for coops, trails, pasture, and places for animals to roam and forage.  We adopted two goats to help us do the job too.  Every year we get a little bit closer to discovering and uncovering pieces of this land.  What an honor it is to mold and be present in the place where we live.

I imagine this view will change even more in the years to come.  (Sometimes the view changes daily, like when you notice that a goat has managed to crawl through the small coop door that is meant only for chickens.)  It certainly never fails to make me smile and sigh when I look on it in the morning light or the evening sun.  I reckon it never will.

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